Vogue-The fashion Bible.

vogueVogue was founded on December 17,1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure and had a vision to create a social agenda of New York’s elite.He hired a staff who had a high social status and not it terms to be literary educated.The first editor of Vogue was socialite Josephine Redding.The first years of it’s publication was weekly and despite the fact that they called it fashion magazine it’s first editor was more interested in animal rights and social events of upper class.After the animal rights the magazine started to focus more in fashion about men and wimen,drama,music,art and a great range of articles referencing about how to behave at social gatherings.Janice Winship a fashion writer looking at the trends and the female behaviour admit that fashion through time became a sign of the capitalist society,it can be provide your social status and especially your bank account.That was told in the 1980’s.In the same period Anna Wintour became editor in chief in Vogue and brought a new wave of ideas about fashion.Her bussines accumen seemed when she started to mixed up low-budget with high-budget clothes.Except the fact that her magazine started to advertise more(and gain more money),she helped in a way overconsumerism’’I shop=therefore I am’’.She knew exactly how to play with marketing and not only that she could also expand it.Nowadays remains the most famous fashion magazine  and it has gain the name”The fashion Bible”.

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Obama to fulfil promise and shut Guantanamo

By Leonard Doyle in Washington
Tuesday, 11 November 2008

As one of his first acts in the White House, Barack Obama is preparing to move hundreds of detainees from Guantanamo Bay prison to the US where they will be given legal hearings, trials or face yet-to-be-established special terrorist courts.

Mr Obama has a long-standing commitment to shut down Guantanamo, which has become a symbol of injustice for human rights campaigners, and a lightning rod for anti-US criticism since it opened eight years ago. Closing the prison, which is on a part of Cuba leased to the US, will bring to an end one of the most poisonous legacies of the Bush administration while sending a signal that the “war on terror” is under more enlightened management.

During his election campaign, Mr Obama described Guantanamo and the CIA’s secret prisons around the world as a “sad chapter in American history”. Other aspects of Mr Bush’s “war on terror” will also demand Mr Obama’s urgent attention such as yesterday’s revelation by the New York Times that the US military has, during the past four years, conducted up to a dozen secret raids in Pakistan and other countries not at war with the US. Mr Obama has previously said he would approve such raids against enemies such as Osama bin Laden if there no other option was available.

Mr Obama’s plans for Guantanamo inmates should see most detainees, against whom there is little or no evidence, being released to their home countries after years in legal limbo. Others will face prosecution in US criminal courts. One problem for those courts will face is deciding whether evidence from anonymous intelligence sources or obtained without any legal process can be taken into account. Some Guantanamo inmates suffered torture or other abusive treatment at the hands of CIA interrogators either at the prison or after they were picked up in security sweeps in Afghanistan or Pakistan. A few have been through the controversial military commissions process, from which even prosecutors have resigned. The US Supreme Court has several times rebuked the Bush administration for its handling of the detainees.

Kept in isolation in harsh conditions, a number of inmates have become mentally and physically ill. At least four men are believed to have committed suicide inside Guantanamo and others have endured force-feeding after going on hunger strike.

Of the estimated 255 inmates still held at the prison, fewer than 49 are acknowledged to be hardcore suspects and fewer than a dozen are believed to have had a role in attacks or plots against the US.

Mr Obama’s legal advisers say the worst cases may be sent before a new court, which will handle the most sensitive national security cases.

His outline plan has the backing of many legal scholars but Republicans will strongly oppose bringing terrorism suspects to the US. Many Democrats oppose the creation of a new court system on US soil that will have fewer rights for suspects than at present.

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor who is acting as a legal adviser to the Obama team, said at the weekend that “theoretical” plans for Guantanamo would now become more focused because closing the prison is a top priority. But he also predicted that transferring suspected terrorists to US soil will be a cause of controversy.

“I think the answer is going to be, they can be as securely guarded on US soil as anywhere else,” Mr Tribe said. “We can’t put people in a dungeon forever without processing whether they deserve to be there.”

Mr Obama has already indicated that existing civilian and military court-martial systems provide “a framework for dealing with the terrorists” and the incoming administration is expected to consider those before setting up a completely new legal system.

“It would have to be some sort of hybrid that involves military commissions that actually administer justice rather than just serve as kangaroo courts,” Mr Tribe said

Lawyers representing clients at Guantanamo Bay such as Marc Falkoff point out that only a dozen or so detainees are know to be avowed terrorists and say that it would be wrong to set up an entirely new legal system to deal with suspects. Mr Falkoff described the proposals from the Obama team as “a solution in search of a problem”.

“Most of the detainees are goat herders, or Arabs who volunteered to help the Taliban, but they are not hardcore terrorists. The real problem is getting their home countries to accept them back.”


politics Unfortunately financial crisis has put the society ”in ice” an dcsh as well.Many goverments try to solve the financial problems but i would like to talk about one which is not try to solve but it also expand it day to day.The picture shows 300 people of our goverment which the last 2o years used to stole money from the treasury.Not only noone did not get to prison but some of them are still in goverment.Searches show that more than 28o million euros has stolen and noone has taken responsibilities.Afterwards another research discover that mora than 6oo million euros are in swiis banks and thay are all greek accounts.The question is why we can not find the golden mean betwen people and politics?We vote them.It is the mirror of ourselves.

REFERENCES:Greek Goverment,Available at:http://search.independent.co.uk/topic/greece-greek-government,Accessed:11 April 2011

The ability to give birth in Britain!

statisticThat image is a statistic tha shows the rising of births in Britain from 1992 till 2006.Cause on this issue was that when i came here for the first time i got surprised on how young are the women who gave birth.And as you can see the statistic shows exactly the same.To be honest it is said that mothers have ”benefits” from the goverment when they give birth and especially for those who are not married.It could be also said that is a luck of sexual education and i say only for the ages 18 and under.


REFERENCES:Statistic Image Available at:http://www.hfea.gov.uk

Bradford inernational film festival!

film festival One of the most famous festivals here in Bradford is the ”International film festival” which was held between 16-27 March 2011 and hosted by National Media Museum.This years ecept films many axhibitions were held for IMAX,photography,television and New Media.A great range of guest honoured that festival such as Thomas Arslan,Terry Gilliam and Claire Bloom.As i hadn’t been in a film festival before i went and the photography exhibition was amazing i can say.Also i watched a film called Uncharted States of America V. It is really nice to see that in a small town such Bradford graet festivals are organized.

REFERENCES:Bradford International Film Festival,(2011),Available from:http//:www.nationalmediamuseum,org.uk,Accessed:11th April 2011

Facebook-the new internet profiling

I red na article about two weeks ago about facebook.It is true that facebook has been our company the last 2 years and definetely  has gain popularity.More than 5oo million people have got a profile on facebook.Most of them are teenagers and generally youngest ages prefer to create a profile.The creator the last year manage to gain more than 5o million dollars which is alot of money for the periods that we have.The thing that they do not comment on that article is the question:Is the facebook dangerous?,because it may be usefull for the communication but it still is an internet profiling.It is like giving your personal information to a person who might giving them to anyone.

REFERENCES:Facebook,Available at:http://www.topics.nytimes.com,Accessed:9th April 2011

My tattoo meaning

I have to admit that the specific image is a classic facebook style photograph.But behind this image i can explain  my whole ideology about tattoos and the meaning of my tattoo which is an anchor.When i came up with the idea to have a tattoo i was 14 years old and as a teenager i wanted to have one.But while i was growing up i realised that having a tattoo it means that you have to ”carry” in your skin a sketch that it has to mean something for you,despite the fact that in our times everything happens just to provoke.I was thinking a lot what it has remained stable to me and i found out that my beliefs and ideology of life has not change.So the anchor means stability,it does not means the progress in my life but the stability in my faith and in my beliefs,in what pespective i see life and how i can manage with that.Except that, it also symbolise my origins,the fact that i come from an island in Greece,so it turns to have and an emotional meaning too.I reccomend to people who want to have a tattoo to mean something for them.otherwise they will regret it sometime!!!



By:Vasiliki Chalkiadaki

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